Web Application Development Training in Siliguri

Master the art of building custom web apps with expert guidance.


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Course Overview

Are you passionate about web development and eager to enhance your skills? Our web development course is designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in building dynamic websites and web applications. With hands-on training and expert guidance, you will learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other essential web technologies. Gain proficiency in popular frameworks and CMS platforms, and master the art of creating responsive and user-friendly websites. Join our web development course and embark on a rewarding journey in the world of web development.

Rs. 13999
Rs. 34999    60% off

What you’ll learn

This course includes:

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Develop dynamic web applications that drive business growth.

Rs. 13999
Rs. 34999    60% off

Who can take this course?

Programming languages you will learn

Vue JS

Course content

  • Conducting requirements analysis to understand client needs
  • Defining project scope, goals, and deliverables
  • Creating a project plan and timeline
  • Understanding the importance of data modelling in web applications
  • Designing efficient and scalable database structures
  • Implementing relational databases and NoSQL databases using tools like MySQL or PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Creating responsive and visually appealing user interfaces
  • Implementing front-end frameworks like Bootstrap or Materialize CSS
  • Enhancing user experience through interactive elements and animations
  • Introduction to Laravel framework and its features
  • Building server-side logic using PHP and Laravel
  • Implementing MVC architecture for structured development
  • Designing and building RESTful APIs for data exchange
  • Implementing API authentication and security measures
  • Integrating APIs with front-end applications
  • Planning and executing deployment strategies for web applications
  • Configuring web servers like Apache or Nginx
  • Deploying to cloud platforms such as AWS or DigitalOcean
  • Understanding common web vulnerabilities and their prevention
  • Implementing secure authentication and authorization mechanisms
  • Applying data encryption and secure communication protocols
  •  Strategies for effective testing, including unit testing and integration testing
  • Utilizing debugging tools and techniques for bug detection and resolution
  • Error handling and exception management in web applications
  •  Techniques for optimizing web application performance
  • Caching mechanisms for faster page load times
  • Database optimization and query tuning for improved efficiency
  • Agile methodologies for project management
  • Version control using Git for collaboration and code management
  • Utilizing project management tools like Jira or Trello for efficient teamwork

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