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What are the key factors behind your website’s success?

The success of a website depends on a ton of things, however below are few of them you should care.


The appearance of your website has a lot of impact on your business. It should be designed such a way that viewers can simply find the data they’re trying to find. You should style your contents with proper navigation, forms, images, and contents. Your contact info ought to be placed in such a way that viewers can find them simply. Unless you are providing a very good user experience viewers may leave your page immediately after opening the page. It’s also recommended to use of popup forms which come up with leads.

Responsive style

Virtually everybody these days encompasses a mobile, and mobile traffic is growing quickly day by day. Therefore device responsive style is an extremely necessary factor in current days. A responsive website will adjust its layout according to devices screen size and resolution automatically. It adapts to screen size and present it’s content such a way that you will see all contents nicely. You do not need to zoom in and zoom out often to look at its content, therefore makes it user-friendly. Any buttons or links showing for mobile users should be tap friendly (The links or buttons shouldn’t in a place where you try to tap one link/button and your finger touches the adjacent link or button). You should keep in mind this also.

Site speed

You only have a few seconds to form a bearing to viewers. If your website doesn’t open within a few seconds your guests could go. website speed is very important for each device however we should always place special attention to how briskly it’s loading in mobile devices, especially while WiFi not connected.

Site speed depends on a ton of technical things, I’m not going to discuss in details with them. But, I’m sharing a few important factors.

  • Your page ought to be as lightweight as much as possible in term of bytes.
  • For mobile device you should consider AMP, as Google prefer to show AMP pages on the top of search engine results page (SERP).
  • Use CDN for static contents like images, styles sheets, javascript.
  • Enable compression for your HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT codes.
  • Enable browser level caching
  • Remove unused CSS, JAVASCRIPT, which adds a lot of extra bytes.
  • Only use optimized pictures. conjointly use lazy loader wherever it’s possible.

There are several online tools to check your website speed and download optimized images. I’m sharing 2 hottest links below. you should target a score minimum 90+.



SEO Friendly

If you have a website with no visitors, it has no use. Peoples should find your website for your targeted keywords in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Your website needs to be truly SEO(search engine optimization) friendly. Organic traffic is very important and to increase it you need to keep your website up to date by adding new contents at regular intervals. Also, the website contents should be distinctive and grammatically correct. correct use of HTML tags like title, meta description, heading, paragraph tags is vital. Sitemap conjointly plays necessary roles for crawl your website properly by the search engine bots. So you must add sitemap containing all individual links of your website and also submit it to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Domain name

Book your domain name with a popular domain registrar only. We personally prefer Godaddy for domain name registration.

You need to select a pleasant name for your business and it should contain the name of your business. Please follow this link to find more tips on domain name selection.

Choosing right hosting

After coming up with your website you wish to rent a decent and reliable web hosting server. You can choose Shared hosting, VPS hosting or Dedicated server depending on the size of your website. For a small to medium website, you can begin with shared hosting, later if you wish to have additional computing power you’ll be able to jump to VPS servers and so on. Your server location is another important factor, if most of your visitors coming from  India, you should select a server from Indian territory.


After publishing your website you should start monitoring your website regularly to get information like how much visitors are visiting your website for a certain period of time and how they are behaving. You should generate reports like what percentage guests are coming back, what percentage of them navigated to other pages, how long they stayed into your website, also from which device you’re getting most of the visitors. Analyzing these factors you’ll be able to perceive the behavior of visitors and troubleshoot the problems if you found any. So, it is a vital thing to use analytics tools like Google analytics.

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